Antarctic Express – Fly the Drake from Punta Arenas


Day 1: Punta Arenas

Welcome to Punta Arenas – the most populated city in Patagonia. If you are planning on arriving today, please ensure your flight arrives in the early afternoon to allow for check-in and a welcome meeting. If you do arrive early, there are many museums, restaurants and shops to keep you busy. In the early evening around 6 pm, your expedition leaders will meet you at the hotel, where you’ll enjoy a welcome dinner and be briefed about embarkation day.

Day 2: Punta Arenas – King George Island – Embarkation Day

This morning, transfer to Punta Arenas Airport and take a charter flight to King George Island, crossing the mighty Drake Passage in a matter of hours. Your first glimpse of Antarctic landscapes will be from above, as the plane descends for landing on King George Island. On arrival, stretch your legs and spend a bit of time exploring the island before being transferred by Zodiac to your ship. Meet the rest of your shipmates and set sail for the Antarctic Peninsula.

Day 3-6: South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula

Begin your voyage around the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands, and with a flexible itinerary over the next few days, your expert captain and expedition team will plot a specific course to maximise wildlife sightings and shore landings. On multiple Zodiac cruises, you might walk along a beach teeming with thousands of penguins and seals or discover the rugged landscapes on hiking or snowshoeing opportunities. After your shore excursions, retire to your expedition vessel to socialise with fellow adventurers in the restaurant or lounging areas, relax into your comfortable stateroom or join with your specialist crew at a number of lectures, gaining in-depth knowledge of the geology, history and wildlife of the region. While nothing is set in stone, your polar team are dedicated to making this journey one of unforgettable beauty – spectacular sights at every turn.

Day 7: King George Island – Disembarkation Day – Puntas Arenas

After your week of exploration, bid farewell to the expedition team and disembark at King George Island. From here, it’s a three-hour flight across the Drake Passage to Punta Arenas. After transferring from the airport to the hotel, you’re free to explore the town and perhaps enjoy dinner with some of your fellow polar adventurers.

Day 8: Punta Arenas

After breakfast, you’re free to continue on your own travels or make your own way to Punta Arenas Airport for onward flight connections. There are no activities planned for the final day and you're able to depart the accommodation at any time.

Start date - End date Trip Status Price
07/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$15600
07/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$17800
07/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$20000
07/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$21500
07/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$23700
07/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$25900
07/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$28200
07/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$32600
12/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$15600
12/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$17800
12/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$20000
12/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$21500
12/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$23700
12/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$25900
12/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$28200
12/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$32600
17/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$15600
17/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$17800
17/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$20000
17/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$21500
17/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$23700
17/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$25900
17/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$28200
17/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$32600
22/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$16300
22/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$18500
22/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$20800
22/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$23000
22/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$25200
22/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$27400
22/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$29600
22/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 OR DGAU$32600
27/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$16300
27/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$18500
27/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$20800
27/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$23000
27/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$25200
27/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$27400
27/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$29600
27/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$32600
16/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$16300
16/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$18500
16/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$20800
16/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$23000
16/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$25200
16/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$27400
16/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$29600
16/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$32600
21/JAN/2021 - 28/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$16300
21/JAN/2021 - 28/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$25200
21/JAN/2021 - 28/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$29600
21/JAN/2021 - 28/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$32600
21/JAN/2021 - 28/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$20800
21/JAN/2021 - 28/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$18500
21/JAN/2021 - 28/JAN/2021 OR DGAU$27400
26/FEB/2021 - 05/MAR/2021 OR DGAU$18500
26/FEB/2021 - 05/MAR/2021 OR DGAU$26700
26/FEB/2021 - 05/MAR/2021 OR DGAU$25200
26/FEB/2021 - 05/MAR/2021 OR DGAU$29600
26/FEB/2021 - 05/MAR/2021 OR DGAU$31900
26/FEB/2021 - 05/MAR/2021 OR DGAU$34100
11/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$16400
11/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$20900
11/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$21600
11/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$23900
11/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$26100
11/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$26100
11/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$33500
11/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$35800
16/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$16400
16/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$20900
16/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$21600
16/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$23900
16/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$26100
16/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$26100
16/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$33500
16/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$35800
21/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$17200
21/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$22400
21/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$23100
21/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$25300
21/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$28300
21/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$28300
21/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$35800
21/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 OR DGAU$38000
11/FEB/2022 - 18/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$17200
11/FEB/2022 - 18/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$22400
11/FEB/2022 - 18/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$23100
11/FEB/2022 - 18/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$25300
11/FEB/2022 - 18/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$28300
11/FEB/2022 - 18/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$28300
11/FEB/2022 - 18/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$35800
11/FEB/2022 - 18/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$38000
16/FEB/2022 - 23/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$17200
16/FEB/2022 - 23/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$22400
16/FEB/2022 - 23/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$23100
16/FEB/2022 - 23/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$25300
16/FEB/2022 - 23/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$28300
16/FEB/2022 - 23/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$28300
16/FEB/2022 - 23/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$35800
16/FEB/2022 - 23/FEB/2022 OR DGAU$38000
01/MAR/2022 - 08/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$19400
01/MAR/2022 - 08/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$28300
01/MAR/2022 - 08/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$26800
01/MAR/2022 - 08/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$31300
01/MAR/2022 - 08/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$33500
01/MAR/2022 - 08/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$36500
06/MAR/2022 - 13/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$19400
06/MAR/2022 - 13/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$28300
06/MAR/2022 - 13/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$26800
06/MAR/2022 - 13/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$31300
06/MAR/2022 - 13/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$33500
06/MAR/2022 - 13/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$36500
11/MAR/2022 - 18/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$19400
11/MAR/2022 - 18/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$28300
11/MAR/2022 - 18/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$26800
11/MAR/2022 - 18/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$31300
11/MAR/2022 - 18/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$33500
11/MAR/2022 - 18/MAR/2022 OR DGAU$36500